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Our story and our commitment

Founded in 2010, Pressoplast is one of the leading companies in the production of PVC and PU sheets through high-tech processes, whose aim is the development of new products and offer the most innovative solutions.

We can reach peculiarities which are not achievable through traditional pressing procedures, such as surface finishes, different thicknesses and color shades, and we can carry out coupling operations with all types of inserts (sequins, glitter, fabrics, prints).

Thanks to our pressing process, we ennoble raw materials giving them new hand feel and aesthetic features.

Always looking for the best and newest materials, we rely on a highly specialized know-how that perfectly mixes craftsmanship and industrialization.

Our Service


Our team is always searching for innovative materials and its main aim is offering items always in line with the needs of a dynamic market.


We know the importance of pursuing a sustainable growth; this is the reason why we have developed product lines dedicated to recycled and Biobased materials. Our PVC and PU can be fully recycled, they don’t contain phthalates or solvents, and they are fully compliant with the standards set by the most important regulatory bodies. In addition, our PVC is Zero Waste certified.


Achieved in 2020, the ISO 90001 Certification attests to the quality of our products and services, in line with the highest standards required by our target markets.


All our materials are fully customizable. We follow our customers through every step of the creative process, helping them to create special items and unique collections.


Thanks to our fast and adaptable production, we can satisfy last minute requests in tight deadlines. This is an important added value, and it can make the difference in the fashion market.


We can agree customized cuts, according to our customers’ needs.

The material mustn’t be exposed to too high temperatures - heat sources, and must be stocked vertically. Also, it is important to always use our TNT or paper sheets as protection in order to avoid direct contact between panels; in this way the weight of the material won’t damage the material itself.

For small sampling, production usually takes 2-3 days; for huge quantities, up to 15 days.

Coming to roll materials, MOQ is 1lm. For goods produced in panels, MOQ is 1 sheet 120x120cm (as an alternative, 2 sheets 60x120cm).

For cleaning the material, please use a soft and damp cloth.

Sure, we’d be glad to find the solution that better enhance the beauty of your materials.

Yes, it is possible to wash it by using a dry clean, or using water max 30°C.



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